Entomology Jobs

List of current job offers:


Trainingship - M2 - 6 mouths

The proposed project aims to couple biomechanical (CRCA) and genetic engineering (CBD) approaches to study the impact of genetic modifications of the musculature on the locomotion of Drosophila larvae.



Stage Master ou Ingénieur - Institut Sophia Agrobiotech

Theoretical modeling of the population dynamics of a pest insect combining density-dependence and transmission of manipulative symbionts



Stage Césure - Laboratoire Biocontrôle - Antibes - juillet-décembre 2020

Establishment of a biological control strategy against lepidopteran pests using oophagous parasitoids



Stage M2/fin d'étude ingénieur Agro

Study of the impact of food on the life stages of auxiliary cultivation insects



Associate Research Officer - Austria

In the Insect Pest Control Laboratory (IPCL / Insect Pest Control Laboratory), the associated research agent (entomology) will assist activities related to the development of research protocols in the field of pest control. . In particular, he / she will focus on the development of the sterile insect technique (SIT) for the spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii). This species has recently invaded Europe and the Americas where it involves particularly high costs for agriculture in the absen



Thesis offer - University of Orléans

Understanding the impact of climate change on biodiversity requires highlighting the biological mechanisms of adaptation to this change, from the level of organisms, populations and species, to that of communities. Indeed, following changes in population densities, processes of dispersal of individuals or phenological shifts linked to climatic conditions, mechanisms of reorganization of multi-species and multi-trophic communities can intervene in cascade within ecosystems



Engineering studies - INRAE Bordeaux

The engineer will carry out his activity at the SAVE UMR as part of the PARADE project: PARAsitism and decision-making tool to reduce the use of insecticides against pests in vines and cereals (ANR Maturation 2020-2022 project). This project is supported by two research units (UMR SAVE for vines and IGEPP on the cereal side), with the intervention of two interprofessions (Institut Français de la Vigne and ARVALIS), the Chambers of Agriculture Pyrenees-Orientales and two cooperatives vineyards (C



Thesis offer - University of Orléans

The general objective of this project is to develop a range of scientific knowledge and practical solutions for the management and control of emerging native and non-native species in European forests (including arboretum, nurseries, trees in cities), by global approach involving multiple actors (academic institutions and non-academic partners). The host team is strongly involved in this project, with WP responsibilities and tasks in the trapping, genetic and modeling aspects.



Stage Master 1 - Avignon

455/5000 It will be a question here of relating the abundance of flowers on different plant species naturally present alone or in association on the edge of a few roads around Montpellier with the bee fauna (abundance and specific diversity) present on these flowers. We will be interested in 7 endemic species from the south of France and examined in previous studies and a thesis to analyze their interest in terms of multifunctionality



Entomological technician

Contributes to actions aimed at maintaining and disseminating insect farming for educational purposes. Carry out insect farming intended for distribution to members and for presentation to the public in the permanent exhibition of the House of Insects



Thesis offer - Institute of Systematics, Evolution, Biodiversity - MNHN

Sociality and evolutionary convergence: contribution of ecomorphological and transcriptomic data in cockroaches