Entomology Jobs

List of current job offers:


Biological Technician

The incumbent provides assistance to the Agriculture Research Specialist responsible for research in microbiology and microbial ecology. He/she helps in investigating pathology of insects and weeds, assessing microbial diversity, and conducting molecular biology research in biological control of pests, weeds and microbial pathogens



Impacts of globalization on biological invasions

The aim of this PhD project is to gain a better understanding of how precisely on-going globalization shapes the worldwide introduction of invasive species to predict future invasions. The project will address which types of human-mediated transport are responsible for most species introductions and study human fingerprints on current spatial distributions of invasive species



PhD position on honey bee health Nutritional modulation of pesticide effect

One focus of this EU-project is to improve our understanding of the combined effects of pesticides and nutrition on the health of honeybees, bumblebees and solitary bees. The PhD candidate will be part of the PoshBee project and, together with European partners, will conduct semi-field and laboratory research to contribute to this topic



CDD offer Technicien de recherche - INRA Avignon

The recruited candidate will work on a European project (H2020, PoshBee) to evaluate the impact of stressors on bees (domestic and wild). One of the objectives is to study the modulation of the effects of chemical molecules by other factors (eg quality of nutrition)



Master 2 internship - Chemical mediation in termites

The objective of this internship is to test several candidate molecules and make the link with the social interactions that are dependent on them. The internship will combine approaches of behavioral ecology and chemical ecology on the underground termite Reticulitermes flavipes. To do this, several series of behavioral experiments will be performed, coupled with odor extraction experiments, life-line measurements and environmental manipulations



Engineer Assistant position Entomology in internal mobility INRA

The candidate (H / F) will be responsible for adapting and implementing all experiments and analyzes of molecular biology and population genetics on Culicoides, ticks and mosquitoes models. He / she will also be involved in the vector competence studies of tick pairs / African swine fever, Culicoides / Orbivirus and mosquitoes / Flavivirus, as well as the role of symbiont bacteria. The agent will also provide, as needed, the maintenance activities of arthropod colonies to the insectarium (Culico



Master's course -INRA - Antipolis

Behavior and movement of Trichogramma parasitoids: tracking of propagation fronts in space by image analysis



Entomological breeding technician - OPIE

Contributes to actions aimed at maintaining and distributing insect farms for educational purposes. Leads the breeding of insects for dissemination to members and presentation to the public in the permanent exhibition of the House of Insects



Internship offer - La Réunion

Optimization of predatory bug breeding, Nesidiocoris volucer