Entomology Jobs

List of current job offers:


Assistant Ingénieur position in Lyon, France

The main objective of UNLEASh is to decipher the cellular and molecular processes involved in the control of insect symbioses, with a particular emphasis on epigenetics



PhD proposal: Genomics of insecticide resistance in bedbugs

The thesis project aims to identify determinants in a set of populations found in France by "QTL mapping" approaches based on RAD markers and on the sequencing of complete genomes



Sujet de stage de césure - 2019

Mise en place d’une stratégie de lutte biologique contre les lépidoptères ravageurs à l’aide de parasitoïdes oophages



Sujet de stage de césure - 2019

Comportement de défense des abeilles domestiques, Apis mellifera, en réponse à la pression de prédation exercée par le frelon asiatique, Vespa velutina



Sujet de stage Césure - 2019

Recherche des prédateurs arthropodes de la Pyrale du buis en région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes



Stage de M2 - IRBI - Tours

Study of color polyphenism in a butterfly, the Map Using an analytical chemistry approach using the ultra-high performance liquid chromatograph coupled with tandem mass spectrometry, the internship will aim to characterize pigments (ommochromes and melanins) of spring and summer forms, as well as "intermediate" forms.



Stage de M2 - IRBI - Tours

Insect energy budget: what predictive value attributed to an incomplete budget in the context of "Insects as Food and Feed"



Assistant engineer in entomology

Assistant engineer for monitoring the evolution of resistance of Anopheles gambiae to novel insecticide formulations and studying associated mechanisms



Trainingship - M2 - 6 mouths

The proposed project aims to couple biomechanical (CRCA) and genetic engineering (CBD) approaches to study the impact of genetic modifications of the musculature on the locomotion of Drosophila larvae.



Trainingship - M2 - 6 mouths - Cycle Farms

In relation with the various teams and under the responsibility of an Entomology Project Manager, you will address several themes (behavior, ecology and genetics) relating to the breeding reproduction of the black soldier fly



Stage Césure - 2019-220 - ISARA Lyon

The purpose of the internship is to test in real conditions (farmers' plots) the effect of the use of a mix of barley varieties and the effect of the association of barley with a cover of legumes on aphid populations and therefore potentially on barley infestation by the JNO. The experiments will be conducted on a network of plots in organic agriculture in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.



Research Ingineer - IRBI - Tours

The engineer will work as part of the CAMPOVIGNE project (Regional Interest Project: Center-Val de Loire). This project aims to study parasitoid wasp parasitism, Campoplex capitator, in the vineyard of the Center-Val de Loire Region, in order to propose biological control practices against the grape berry moth (Lobesia botrana).