Entomology Jobs

List of current job offers:


Assistant Ingénieur position in Lyon, France

The main objective of UNLEASh is to decipher the cellular and molecular processes involved in the control of insect symbioses, with a particular emphasis on epigenetics



researcher entomologist ecologist specialist in biological control

You will be in charge of conducting in situ and ex situ experiments to evaluate the efficacy of new potential biological control agents and their specificity to avoid any unintended effects of biological control. These studies will focus on their effectiveness based on some key features of life history, their adaptability, their installation conditions, the multi-trophic relationships in the new environment, or the evolution of adaptive changes in life. introduced populations.



PhD proposal: Genomics of insecticide resistance in bedbugs

The thesis project aims to identify determinants in a set of populations found in France by "QTL mapping" approaches based on RAD markers and on the sequencing of complete genomes



Scientific and Technical Project Manager in Entomology

Under the authority of the head of the entomology and invasive plants unit, the scientific and technical project manager in entomology will participate in the unit's research and reference work: Research activities - Scientific and technical expertise - Scientific watch - Transmission of technical knowledge - Quality assurance - Health and safety