Entomology Jobs

List of current job offers:


Trainingship - M2 - 6 mouths

The proposed project aims to couple biomechanical (CRCA) and genetic engineering (CBD) approaches to study the impact of genetic modifications of the musculature on the locomotion of Drosophila larvae.



Research Ingineer - 19 months - INRA - France

Coordination of a research project on combating Bruchus signaticornis of faba bean and lentil



Engineering position (IE) - CYROI - La Réunion Island

You participate in the molecular typing of mosquito lines and their infection or not by bacteria (Wolbachia), the generation of sexing lines and incompatible lines by embryonic microinjections



Stage Master ou Ingénieur - Institut Sophia Agrobiotech

Theoretical modeling of the population dynamics of a pest insect combining density-dependence and transmission of manipulative symbionts



Stage Césure - Laboratoire Biocontrôle - Antibes - juillet-décembre 2020

Establishment of a biological control strategy against lepidopteran pests using oophagous parasitoids



Stage M2/fin d'étude ingénieur Agro

Study of the impact of food on the life stages of auxiliary cultivation insects



Research Technician

The main objective of the position is to participate actively in the implementation of this biological control program, on the one hand in the laboratory by ensuring the breeding of Mastrus ridens and its host, and on the other hand, in the field by participating in the release and recapture campaigns that will be carried out in France



Volontaire du Service Civique - Kourou - Guyane

Within the framework of the “Ri-Biocontrol” project or classic biological control project against Rastrococcus invadens (Hemiptera Pseudococcidae), the candidate will aim to contribute to the mounting and then to the concrete realization of field work



CDD Technicien - 5 mois - INRA Bordeaux

The SAVE INRA UMR of the Bordeaux Nouvelle Aquitaine Research Center is recruiting a five-month fixed-term contract at the research technician level on the theme: Defense behavior of domestic bees, Apis mellifera, in response to the predation pressure exerted by the Asian hornet , Vespa velutina