Entomology Jobs

List of current job offers:


Stage Césure - Laboratoire Biocontrôle - Antibes - juillet-décembre 2020

Establishment of a biological control strategy against lepidopteran pests using oophagous parasitoids



Stage M2/fin d'étude ingénieur Agro

Study of the impact of food on the life stages of auxiliary cultivation insects



Associate Research Officer - Austria

In the Insect Pest Control Laboratory (IPCL / Insect Pest Control Laboratory), the associated research agent (entomology) will assist activities related to the development of research protocols in the field of pest control. . In particular, he / she will focus on the development of the sterile insect technique (SIT) for the spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii). This species has recently invaded Europe and the Americas where it involves particularly high costs for agriculture in the absen



Thesis - IRBI - University of Tours

Regulation and dynamics of the chemical signature in social insects: The aim of the thesis will be to analyze on the one hand this dynamic of the chemical signature in social insects and to study on the other hand its endocrine control by a key hormone of the physiology of insects that is the juvenile hormone.



Thesis Offer - Laboratory BF2I

The finalized objective of this research is to provide tools and define new concepts for an integrated approach to the protection of plants against their insect pests. Our research results are the basis for the development of sustainable agronomic practices respectful of human health and agroecosystems, developed within the framework of our partnership with the Plant Health and Environment Department of INRAE (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment)



Thesis offer - University of Angers

Use of interfering RNAs directed against actors in the cholinergic system as a bio-pesticide in the fight against harmful insects



Head of studies in entomology - CDI

Missions related to the acquisition and enhancement of knowledge (80%): coordinates and / or participates in field inventories, participates in regional variations of National Action Plans, followed by populations / stands and bio-indication (assembly of quotes / agreements, field surveys, sorting, determination or sending of samples, computerization, analysis of results and writing of reports, this in connection with the partners linked to the action) brings scientific expertise to the policies



Thesis offer - CIRAD-ANSES

Documenting the flow of invasive organisms linked to commercial transport: validation of high-speed molecular tools for monitoring the eastern fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis



Entomologist in professionalization contract

ISTAV is a training and consulting company in the field of risk management linked to living organisms. His area of expertise is the sustainable control of animal populations and more sporadically unwanted plants. She is working on alternative methods allowing the use of less pesticide products and obtaining more prolonged results over time.



Thesis offer - Ecology and Biology of interactions - Poitiers

Impact of a larval exposure on the life history traits of the honey bee



Stage Université Cote d'Azur

leur environnement social. Pour ce faire, les deplacements des individus seront filmes dans des arenes (au laboratoire), a des densites d’individus differentes : individus seuls, densite faible (peu de contacts entre les individus) et densitee levee (contacts frequents entre individus). Les algorithmes d’intelligence artificielle developpes en parallele permettront de rechercher et de caracteriser d’eventuels ajustements de comportement entre les differents environnements sociaux.



Offre de thèse - CIRAD - CBGP

Documenter les flux d’organismes invasifs liés aux transports commerciaux : validation d’outils moléculaires haut-débit pour le suivi de la mouche orientale des fruits, Bactrocera dorsalis



Stage - CIRAD - 6 mois

Identification et optimisation de la kairomone de l’olivier attractive de Bactrocera oleae pour l’élaboration d’un piège de masse.