Makay 2017 – Project presentation: D-10

Makay 2017 – Project presentation: D-10


From July 22 to September 2 is organized by Naturevolution a great multidisciplinary scientific expedition in the Makay massif. This mission follows the first crossing of this region by Evrard Wendenbaum in 2007 and the scientific missions of 2010 and 2011.

Naturevolution’s work has thus allowed the creation of the New Makay Protected Area (for more information: ici).

Presentation of the mission

The objectives of the mission are multiple:

  • Study
  • Protect
  • Value Makay

For this, a team of scientists, students, artists, eco-volunteers and field actors, science and media will work to study, protect and enhance this unique massif in the world.

The origin of this mission and the scientific approach, 5 students of the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle de Paris came together by creating the Société des Jeunes Aventuriers with the aim of enabling young scientists to conduct research in the field and to share their passion.

Organizational team

Manager of the protected area, the Naturevolution team organizes the mission: partners, logistics and scientific projects.

  • Evrard Wendenbaum : Explorer, founder and president of Naturevolution
  • Philippe Mistral : Field mission manager – Naturevolution
  • Bernard Forgeau : Logistics Manager – Naturevolution
  • Gaëtan Deltour : Scientific Manager, Naturevolution Secretary

caption id=”attachment_4282″ align=”aligncenter” width=”471″] Naturevolution Team (Source : Natexplorers)[/caption]

Communication and scientific mediation team

The expedition also has an educational vocation on environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and the study of fauna and flora. The aim is to make as many people as possible aware of the importance of carrying out such a mission and the unique and exceptional character of the Makay massif.

To do this, a team of photographers, illustrators, journalists and scientific mediators will accompany and monitor the expedition alongside scientists and field workers.

Among them, we will find

  • Natexplorers : a duo of biologists, Julien Chapuis and Barbara Réthoré, strong of their explorations of Central American forests and their talents in scientific mediation
  • DirtyBiology : youtubeur Léo Grasset to 460 000 subscribers
  • Aurélie “Auka” Calmet : Illustrator used to Naturevolution expeditions

caption id=”attachment_3286″ align=”alignright” width=”228″] Panorama of the Menapanda River, the base camp and the rock labyrinth of Makay (Source : © B. GILLES)[/caption]

It will be possible to follow the progress and news of the expedition in real time using a wide variety of communication channels.

For example, a on-board newspaper via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The participation of a film crew has the wish to develop a feature-length documentary, a web-series and videos.

All the photos, videos, illustrations and sounds collected during the expedition will be the subject of interactive exhibitions intended for large scientific mediation structures.

Science team

This scientific mission is the first to take place during dry periods. Although the wet season is more favourable for observation, the dry season offers the possibility of studying the fauna and flora during this transition period.

The expedition will also focus for the first time on the exploration and study of two new forest areas: Makaykei in the south and Mahasoa in the north. caption id=”attachment_4278″ align=”aligncenter” width=”270″] Mission base camps 2017 (Source : Naturevolution)[/caption] Scientific projects will address multiple disciplinary fields:

caption id=”attachment_4280″ align=”aligncenter” width=”470″] Scientific projects (Sources : Natexplorers)[/caption]

  • Carnivores, Rongeurs and Bats Margot Michaud, Rohan Mansuit, Paul Nicolas (Naturevolution) < Martin Raheriarisena and Steeve Goodman (Vahatra)
  • Fougères, Bryophytes, Angiosperms and Canarium Catherine REEb (Naturevolution) and Rado Ramahandrison (University of Antananarivo)
  • Oiseaux < Vincent Roméra (Agence VISU), Anne-Sophie Lafuite (CNRS) and Eric Temba (Université d’Antananarivo/Asity)
  • Insects and crustaceans < Benoît Gilles (Naturevolution) and Jean-François Cart (IUCN)
  • Archeology: Antoine Heurtel (Naturevolution)
  • Fish Megann Texereau (Naturevolution) and Jean Robertin Rasoloariniaina (CNRE)
Eco-volunteers team

caption id=”attachment_3280″ align=”alignright” width=”161″] Capture of an Odonate and photo taken for later determination (Source: © B. GILLES)[/caption]

In addition to visiting this isolated and unique region, the expedition offers eco-volunteers for the first time the opportunity to participate and contribute to scientific research projects in an isolated and unique environment.

The support and assistance of eco-volunteers will make it possible to carry out insect sampling, lemur monitoring and counts, botanical inventories on the vertical walls of canyons or to visit archaeological sites.

Find the reports of my mission as eco-volunteer of April 2016:



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Recommendation of book and DVD on this theme

Makay : Discover the latest Eden (Evrard Wendenbaum – Editions de La Martinière – 173 pages – 17 November 2011)

Makay, les aventuriers du monde perdu[Blu-ray 3D] (Evrard Wendenbaum & Pierre Stine – 98mn – 14 December 2011)

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