Presentation :



Research Associate and Entomologist
at Cycle Farms

Benoît created Passion Entomologie in 2014…


Ephydra hians: the diving fly of Mono Lake
Conoderinae: the Brazilian weevil that thinks it’s a fly!
The Asian Hornet: A Recent Invasion



Vincent ALBOUY

Former President of the Office for the Protection of Insects and their Environment (OPIE)

An entomologist by training, Vincent is interested in the insects of our gardens and their protection, of which he is the author of numerous books on this subject.


Be versatile or specialize? The choice of flowers and their pollinators




A former executive, Philippe devotes his time to these passions: astronomy, astrophysics, arthropods and photography

In 2016, Philippe discovered fortuitously for the first time the mysterious world of the collembola he studied and made known…


Collembola: small mysterious insects



Sylvain HUGEL

Neurobiologist at CNRS
World Orthoptera Specialist

Parasitoid Hymenoptera Specialist


Sylvain is part of the team that brought the only documented case of pollination by an insect belonging to the order Orthoptera (2010) : Access to the article


But where do the Ornebius of the Indian Ocean come from?



Maurice HULLE

Research Engineer – INRA
Specialist in aphids and subantarctic entomofauna


Since the early 2000s, Maurice has been conducting scientific campaigns in Kerguelen to study the evolution and adaptation of native invertebrate communities in response to the introduction of invasive species into these remote islands…




Nicolas MOULIN

Independent Entomologist
Research & expertise office

Nicolas is a young independent entomologist who created his research and expertise office in entomology 9 years ago…


The Mantodea: synthesis on these insects
Interview of Nicolas MOULIN – Independent entomologist




Entomologist researcher – Correspondent of National Museum of Natural History

Parasitoid Hymenoptera Specialist


Pascal is passionate about the taxonomy, ecology and phylogeny of parasitoid hymenoptera, particularly in their use in biological control. He is also the author of about thirty publications on these subjects…


The ovipositor of parasitoid hymenoptera: how micro-surgery is inspired by nature’s inventions
Two wasps, a caterpillar and a cabbage leaf



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